The Institute of Professional Managers & Administrators

An International Institute for Professionals -
A Management Body with an International Membership -
For Professional Managers, Administrators and Supervisors

In today’s progressive, competitive world, professional management and administration is an art.

Today’s managers and administrators face an increasingly complex and wide-ranging set of work-place circumstances and diverse environments. Management and administration roles are true professions and need to be conducted by professional men and women. Good managers, administrators, supervisors and leaders are ever more important in business, commerce, industry and in government due to the continued development of technology, communication systems, and the need for an effective approach towards the human resource - the workforce with whom they interact and are responsible for. A modern manager or administrator needs to motivate subordinates and colleagues, provide them with leadership, organise and co-ordinate their activities, train and guide them, control and direct them, ensure their safety and well-being, and develop and lead teams. All this whilst maintaining excellent lines of communication with subordinates, colleagues, superiors,customers, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders, and whilst maintaining required standards of behaviour and professionalism, and whilst behaving ethically within laid down rules and laws. Good managers and administrators should be recognised for their training, ability and experience. 

Membership of the Institute is open to all men and women engaged in management or administration, leadership, supervision or control, and whose duties involve the supervision or management or administration of the work of others, covering all areas of commercial, industrial and governmental activity. Institute Members have a common interest in improving managerial and administrative skills, and in maintaining the integrity of these most important of professions. 

In every country managers and administrators face problems - some are international in scope, others are more specific to their own countries - but many of those problems could be avoided or overcome by training, advice and experience, and through on-going life-long professional study.

Objectives of the Institute

The Objectives of the Institute are:
  • The promotion and advancement of efficient and effective management and administration in business, commerce, industry, public sectors and public services in countries all over the world.
  • To offer recognition for managerial and administrative expertise, training and awards gained.
The Institute endeavours to achieve its objectives in the following ways:
  • By encouraging the membership of qualified and experienced managers and administrators from all fields of management and administration as Full Members and/or Fellows.
  • By encouraging the membership of junior managers, supervisors, foremen and management trainees as Associate Members and encouraging them to undertake training and stud to advance.
  • By encouraging Members to contribute information about themselves and their experiences including articles on management and administration, which could be of benefit to others.
  • By linking with institutions which provide high-quality, affordable and valuable professional, vocational and career-oriented study, learning and training.

Membership Criteria

Criteria for Election to Membership Grades

Membership is open to men and women over 20 years of age who are engaged in, intend to become engaged in, or who have been engaged in management, administration, supervision, or leadership - in any country of the world.

All applications for Membership are assessed by the Institute’s Membership Board to ensure consistently high standards of admission to Membership. The Board considers the possession of practical managerial/ administrative experience and skill to be an important entry qualification for Membership (indeed, as much so as the possession of professional and/or academic qualifications). The following is a guide to the Institute’s Membership Grades:-

Open to those holding junior managerial/administrative or supervisory posts, including foremen, and/or to those who have undertaken training or courses of study on management or administration, recognised by the Institute.

Open to those holding middle or senior managerial/administrative positions, and/or to those holding management, administration, leadership or related qualifications recognised by the Institute, who also have adequate practical managerial/administrative experience.

Open to those holding top managerial, administrative, leadership or executive posts in business, commerce, industry or government, or who have made an outstanding contribution to management in their own countries or internationally, and to those who have been involved professionally in the training of managers, staff and personnel.

Membership is also available to suitably qualified/recognised engineers, architects, lawyers, accountants, teachers, those involved in construction and project development, officers in police forces, the armed forces and central and local government. (Advice on how to advance to a higher membership grade through training/study is offered on request.)

Acceptance to Membership

On election to Membership, each Member is sent:
  • The Institute’s Membership Certificate stating the Grade of Membership conferred.
  • Newsletters and regular news and articles through email.
  • A Membership card (if a suitable photograph is provided).

The IPMA Code of Practice

Acceptance of the Institute’s Code of Practice is mandatory on all Members and acceptance of the Code is expressly warranted by signing the Institute’s Application for Membership Form.
  • Professional Conduct. In the conduct of designated duties, a Member must act with integrity and must respect and uphold the dignity of professional management and administration. A Member must not act in any way or be involved in any activity which might debase or discredit professional management or administration or the Institute.
  • Acceptance of Responsibility.  A Member must accept the responsibilities - both specific and general - of management towards their organisation, subordinates and the community at large, and similarly must accept all responsibilities to the Institute.
  • Improvement. A Member must ever strive to increase their own knowledge of their profession, to improve the reputation of the profession as a whole, and by training and motivation improve the knowledge and abilities of subordinates, colleagues and those with whom they interact.

How to Apply for Institute Membership

  1. Fully complete the Application Form (Sections A to G on pages 4 and 5) and attach any supporting documents. Additionally, if you are not certain of the Membership Grade for which you should apply, you may leave the decision to the Membership Board.
  2. Applicants to Full Membership grade and Fellowship grade should also complete Sections H1 and H2 on pages 6 and 7. Section H3 on page 8 is optional for all applicants.
  3. Make a Membership Subscription payment (for example by bank transfer) or include your Membership Subscription payment (for example by a bank draft).
  4. Then send your completed Application Form, supporting documents/C.V., two passport-size photographs and other photos as appropriate, together with your Membership Subscription by registered airmail post or by email to:
The Membership Secretary, The Institute of Professional Managers & Administrators
Attique House, Route Des Quennevais, St Brelade, Jersey, JE3 8FP, Britain

Membership Fees & Subscriptions

Membership Subscriptions as at 1 January 2020 are:
Membership DurationFee (GBP)Fee (USD)
ONE Year£90$135
THREE Year£170$255
FIVE Year£240$360
Membership Subscriptions are the same whichever Grade (Associate, Full, Fellow) of Membership is applied for. Renewal Subscriptions are due before the expiry of the Membership period.

How to Send Membership Subscriptions to the Institute

Bank Draft/International Money Order in British Pounds payable to:
“Services to Management (IPMA)”.

Bank transfer:
to: Account Name: Services to Management (IPMA)
at: HSBC Bank Plc, St. Helier, Jersey, Britain
- Account Number: 43973778
- Sort Code: 40-25-34
- IBAN: GB35 MIDL 4025 3443 9737 78.
Add £16 or US$24 to all transfers to cover any charges made by banks.

Western Union transfer:
by ‘Quick Pay’ service
- to: Services to Management
- Account Number: AUK040697
- Code City: SMCOLLEGE, UK
Send the Western Union receipt to IPMA stating clearly the 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number.

(Submission of Membership Subscriptions by other payment methods may be allowed on request).

Application for Membership Online

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